Arve Moen Bergset/Bukkene Bruse - Norway folk song "Bukkene Bruse" it's missing from the lodge.
Please let us know if you've seen it.
It's now time to return it. Norwegian Story: De tre bukkene Bruse


U.S., Canada, Norway
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A gift from the Norse god, Odin, 
runic symbols are of a divine origin,
with enigmatic magical powers. 

With self-sacrifice, melding into the spiritual,
Odin learned of the mysteries of the runes,
& by His example, we can usurp runic magic.

--Let no man carve runes to cast a spell,
save first he learns to read them well.-- 

When the Viking god of war sees his name, TYR,  
inscripted into your Hardanger,'blyantstubb', or ring,
the arcane rune power will come to you.
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Grand Forks Park District.Greenway Ski Day
Jr. Lodge Update,
Join Andriana on Saturday, February 4th at 10:00am. Look for the Norwegian flag. The group can gather by the outdoor playset on Lincoln Drive. Adults – please bring your children to join in on the fun!


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  World's strongest man.

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Norwegian Royal Family Marius
Borg Høiby
is the eldest
of the children in
the Crown Prince
& Princess’s
family. Marius Borg Høiby ~ When I ruled the world .
(Fødselsdag 1997)
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Wikipedia Princess Princess Ingrid Alexandra Of Norway
Ingrid Alexandra,

(Second in line
for Norwegian
throne after
her father, The
Crown Prince.

(Fødselsdag 2004

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Mr Erling Sven
Married Princess
Ragnhild in
Asker Church
on 15 May 1953.
(Fødselsdag 1923)
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Karen Solgård's
Hardanger fiddle

Lucille Langheid's
violin Rosemaled.

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Cultural Skills ProgramCultural pin
for Rosemal

Donna Remer
Sons of Norway's
Cultural Skills Program
Mel plays Swedish Fiddle at Chirstmas Party
Swedish Fiddle
Played by Mel
  Having Fun at Christmas Time.  

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