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Andrew Honve & The Honve House
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University of North Dakota News-October 23,1970. "Andrew Honve, retired Grand Forks railroad worker, has donated $32,000 to the University of North Dakota for the purchase of a home near campus to be used as a Scandinavian cultural center.

We have long felt the need for language houses or cultural centers to complement academic area, cultural and language studies," said University President George W. Starcher. Happily, now this need will be met for the Scandinavian cultures."

This 1970's article in the UND newspaper revealed that Mr. Honve had now given more than $50,000 in support of the Scandinavian language program as he had previously given 200 shares of railroad stock valued at more than $8,000 and an additional $10,000 gift.

It also told of Mr. Honve's purpose to help American-Scandinavian youth appreciate their heritage and quoted him as saying, "They have a lot to be proud and thankful for."

What became known as "The Honve House", located at 2629, 6th Ave N, was furnished with imported Norwegian furniture from the Krogenes factory in Gudbrandsdal, Norway, and other Norwegian items such as flags, wall hangings, and hand painted items.

The 4th District Sons of Norway gave money to purchase these items and also gave other donations to the center.

Sons of Norway members also did carpentry, painting, and other maintenance in the Honve House.

Others made private donations of money, books, and a hand carved, rosemaled clock.

Oscar Lunseth of Lunseth plumbing saw to it that the kitchen was fully equipped.

Dr. Arne Brekke stated in one newspaper article that without the help of the Sons of Norway Lodge, it would have been very difficult to maintain the house.

The 7 room house was used by Norwegian Language students at UND and was also a place to hold special events and classes in rosemaling, Norwegian language, etc.

The house was opened to the public on the 17th of May in 1971.

Presently the Honve House, no longer used at UND for a cultural center, is up for sale; and so Gyda Varden Lodge has been given the Norwegian furniture and other items of interest including the piano purchased by Andrew Honve.

We are pleased to have all of these items though we are sad to see the end of the center.

It is hoped that the money from the sale of the house will be used for the purpose of promoting Norwegian language, heritage and culture as Mr. Honve intended.

Dr. Brekke has described his former friend as a humble, generous and quiet man who was interested in strengthening the cultural and ancestral ties between Norway and America.

Andrew was born at Voss, Norway, in 1898; and he came to Canada and then the United States at the age of 21.

He worked for the railroad for 40 years, retired, and became a world traveler, traveling to Norway every year.

In 1973 Mr Honve became ill and he was taken back to Norway by Dr. Brekke where he lived with relatives until he passed away in December of 1973.

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