From the January issue of the Hilsen, Volume 19. No. 1
January 2016 Lodge Photos & Activities…


Lodge Photos & Activities…
From the January 2016

FRA PRESIDENTEN - Margy Gabrielsen -

Your president is grateful to everyone that helped make the Christmas Party a most enjoyable event. Thank you to those who came on Thursday evening, the tree became surrounded by the many gifts that you brought for Northlands Rescue Mission residents. Thank you to Don Forsman and Duane Myron who helped deliver them.

The program focused on information about CHRISTMAS CAROLS as well as singing them. Thanks to organizer Burnell Bachmeier and to Else Rike for reading the Christmas story in Norwegian; - - and to pianist Donna Schaffer. Darlene Holien shared a song and a poem about Thorvald´s Christms Carol and Cindy Dahl read a story about lutefisk and playing the violin was Melvin Pedersen.

Singing and circling the Christmas tree is always a fun way to conclude the evening along with Santa who appears with his Ho Ho Ho´s and recruits a few elves to help pass out the treat bags.

Drawing for the raffle winners was the finale. FIRST PRIZE: Else Rike (New Norwegian sweater) SECOND PRIZE: Margaret Rossow (Rosemaled bench painted by Eileen Wurden) THIRD PRIZE: Avis Ekness (Norwegian flag ). A "Silent Auction" was held for the sweater donated by an acquaintance of G. Paul & Barb Larson. The highest bidder (and winner) was Cindy Dahl.

The new Book Cart has arrived, but needs to be assembled. It is exciting to think about browsing through library books displayed on the cart and brought into our midst.

Scandinavia, by Hammond Innes and the editors of Life magazine is a book that I have had for many years. The revised copyright date is 1966. Chapter 9 is "Culture in a Cold Climate". It states that the estimated yearly book sales for Norway, Sweden & Denmark are $40 million.

In addition, the Scandinavian countries have flourishing public libraries. "Norway with its scattered community´s records yearly borrowing of more than six million books", "One of the reasons is the spare time afforded by long dark winter nights".

So all the more reason for us to shape up our library and get the book cart rolling!!

Debby Hanson has been one of the Gyda Varden librarians for a few years. She is concerned that many of the library books are missing. She asks that you check at home to see if you have one that should be returned.

Godt Nytt År !

Margy Gabrielsen

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