From the October 2015 issue of the Hilsen,

Lodge Photos & Activities…
From the October 2015
President: Margy Gabrielsen

Fra Presidenten:

En, to, tre, fire, fem, seks, sju, ate, ni, ti. Here we are, already heading into the tenth month of 2015.

The Tuesday evening Beginner’s Norwegian Class was practicing their counting when I stopped by last evening.
Everyone was quite focused and having a good time!
So, I thought I needed to practice my Norwegian counting and spelling too!

My calendar indicates that it is Columbus Day on October 12th.
I googled “Leif Erikson” on our computer,
and along with other information about him & his father, it indicates that October 9 is Leif Erikson Day.
It concluded that the history surrounding Leif’s discovery of Vinland (and North America) is predictably hazy.

The actual date of Leif Erikson Day doesn’t have anything personally to do with Leif.
It was picked for the holiday because it’s the anniversary of the day that the ship Restauration arrived in New York from Stavanger, Norway, back in 1825.
The arrival of the Restauration marked the beginning of organized immigration from Scandinavia to the USA.
The holiday was first recognized in Wisconsin in 1930, eventually becoming a nationally observed holiday in 1964.

(Leif Erikson Facts for Leif Erikson Day) I haven’t really paid that close attention to those facts, but I thought they were interesting.

Thanks to all of you that make the Lodge events successfully happen.
The Potato Pancake meal was so good.
The September Pot Luck Supper was quite a spread as well.

Thank you to Jeff Bakke for sharing pictures and information about the International School in Stavanger, Norway;
and for highlights from some of the travel adventures that he and his friend Paul Hoplin experienced during his visit there.
(Climbing and descending “Pulpit Rock”, which is along the Lyse Fjord, was a little scary to watch- -especially for a grandma).

Be sure to check out the up-coming events included in this issue of the Hilsen.
____Board Meeting: Thursday, Oct. 1, 4:30 PM
____Social Meeting: Thursday, Oct. 8, 7:00 PM
____Program: Foundation Month, Jodi Storhaug- -Foundation Report and dance group.

EVERYONE: Wear your Norwegian Sweaters!

Glede seg ved finne vaer. (Enjoy the beautiful weather)
Margy Gabrielsen

Vis og fortell Translated
& Tell
Wear your
Norwegian Sweaters
or clothing!

New Member Bio:
Robert C. Staveteig
My Grandpa came from
Sogndal, Norway
and my Grandmother
from Kaupanger, Norway.
Both my Grandpa
and Grandma came
to the United States
at the age of 17,
arriving in 1877.
They homesteaded
north of Thompson in 1889.
I served in the Army in Okinowa from 1945-1946.
I wanted to join the lodge
because my sisters and brothers belong.
Robert joined March 12, 2015.



Tromsø, Norway: A Rising Northern Star
It seems the world
is finally catching on to something Norwegians have known all along:
there are many things for tourists to see and do in Norway, even above the Arctic Circle.
The city of Tromsø, which is known as the “Arctic Capital,” is a great example,
having been recently named one of Lonely Planet’s Best Places to Visit in Europe.
While the top 10 list includes plenty of scenery and activities,
none are quite as unique as those offered by this Norwegian gem.
The city sits 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle,
and with each season comes major changes in temperature
and availability of sunlight for residents and visitors.
For example, winter brings the Polar Night,
a time when the sun sets in November and won’t rise again until January,
is followed by slowly increasing amounts of daylight.
This change peaks from May to June, when Tromsø enters the time of the Midnight Sun.
Like most Norwegians, the residents of this jewel of the North enjoy outdoor activities all year round.
As Lonely Planet notes,
there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors surrounding Tromsø.
For nature enthusiasts there are a variety of wildlife excursions, like whale watching trips,
and opportunities experience the natural wonders of Tromsø by foot or dogsled.
For those looking to enjoy the fjords there is also kayaking and fishing.
All night trips are offered in every season,
for those seeking Northern Lights or the feel of a never-ending sunset.

Although it is still more than a year away, Tromsø is already anticipating the grand opening of Krystall,
a hotel that is being built in the fjord.
Yes, the snowflake shaped, floating hotel will be in the fjord, resting on the surface of the sea.
Krystall is being built as a luxury hotel that will leave no lasting environmental impact.
It will also offer guests the possibility of sleeping under a glass roof
that will allow the Northern Lights to dance across the bedspread.
It will be yet another beautiful reason Tromsø deserves to be among the top destinations in Europe.

The Krystall hotel opens in December 2016,
guests will check in to a giant floating snowflake.
The 86-room luxury venue has been designed by architecture firm Dutch Docklands
for the Norwegian city of Tromso, offering clients a unique destination
and an unrivaled spot from which to view the northern lights.
"We call it a scar-less development," architect Koen Olthuis tells CNN,
explaining why the five-star Krystall will sit in icy waters
off Tromso's rugged coastline rather than on dry land.
"Because it's floating, we do not have any impact on that location.
If you take it away after 100 years or so, it will not leave any footprint.
The Krystall's best features, however,
are the glass roofs that will offer clear views of the northern lights
and windows that will gaze over the snowy tree-lined Norwegian coast.
The design for the Krystall, as it's known, is based on the shape of an ice crystal resembling,
perhaps, a particularly beautiful iceberg, floating among the fjords.

_Sons of Norway
_Mission Statement
The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway,
to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries,
and provide quality insurance and financial products to its members.