Foundation Month
Gyda Varden Lodge
October is designated as Foundation Month throughout Sons of Norway.

We hope all lodges and members will consider having a fundraiser to support the Foundation. This could be a raffle, basket auction, silent auction, white elephant sale, bake sale or any other creative ideas you may want to try.

As you know, Thor Lodge 4-067 in Minot, ND, had many families affected by the severe June flooding of the Souris River.

We are currently in the process of mailing out $38,000 in $1,000 Helping Hands to Member Grants to all of the Sons of Norway families that have been affected by the floods. This will help them in their clean-up and recovery efforts to purchase much needed cleaning supplies, bottled water and other basic necessities. To help our members in their time of need is the true meaning of fraternalism. This is the purpose of the Humanitarian Fund.

This year we are asking for something special. We ask that donations collected during October, Foundation Month, be given to the Humanitarian Fund. This will insure that the Humanitarian Fund stands ready to assist our members during the next disaster.

For every individual $250 donation to the Humanitarian Fund the donor will receive a King Harald V medallion as a sign of their support.

The Foundation office has many materials to help tell the Foundation story. They include: Foundation power point presentations,
brochures, scholarship and grant handouts and flyers available to lodges at no cost.

Email foundation@sofn.com for requests.

You may also go to the Foundation section of the Sons of Norway web site to view our scholarship and grant offerings, see what we have funded for 2011 and to donate on-line. The Sons of Norway Foundation is our members Foundation. You are the financial supporters as well as the grant and scholarship recipients.

Tusen takk!

Giving to Charity
Many of you are regular givers. You give to the church, a favorite foundation, your alma mater and other places. What happens when you die?
Will the giving stop?
It doesn't have to.

If you have an IRA or other retirement plan you know it is taxed as income when you withdraw from it. Many prudent savers find they don’t need this money and plan to leave it to the kids.

Did you know this can be a costly mistake?

The kids may be taxed at a higher rate than you are and your hard earned IRA can shrink up to 60%.

Using the IRA for charitable purposes can eliminate taxes on this money all together.

To find out more about charitable planning call your Sons of Norway Financial Benefits Counselor today, for a FREE consultation to see if you are maximizing your options.

Ann Krause, FIC, LUTCF
Financial Benefits Counselor
Sons of Norway
Email: boat@srt.com