-Nordmanns Forbundet-
-The Norse Federation-


Ski for Light teaches blind and mobility-impaired adults how to cross-country ski, while exposing them to Norwegian heritage.

Ole Bull (1810-1880)

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The mission of
Sons of Norway
is to promote
and preserve
the heritage
and culture
of Norway
provide quality
its members.

Sons of
misjon er
å fremme
og ivareta

de beste

til alle


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Sons of Norway
Gyda Varden
Lodge #21
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Grand Forks




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Jakthytte tall 21

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FACEBOOK.com Gyda Varden lodge - 4-021 - Sons of Norway

Embassy News and events
(Klikk på mus å se:) Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
- News & Events
UND Art Exhibit: 1814-2014 Red, White, and Blue: Norwegian Constitution, American Inspiration
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the riveted down the icy stream,
it is like a sight of eagle's wings
Royal House of Norway (Klikk på mus å se:) The Royal House of Norway
--Home Page--
Norwegians usually say: "Thanks for the food after a meal."Nordmenn
pleier å si:
"Takk for maten"
etter et måltid.

Norsk bokmål 
med oversettelser
 til amerikanisk engelsk. -TAKK FOR MATEN--
I Jesu navn går vi til bord at spise og drikke på ditt ord.
 Deg, Gud til ære, os til gavn, 
Så få vi mat i Jesu navn.

In Jesus name to the table we go
 to eat and drink according to His word.
 To God the honor, us the gain,
So we have food in Jesus name

In the name of Jesus we go to dinner, Eating and drinking in your word, You God for honor, for our profit, So we get food in the name of Jesus. Amen
I Jesu Navn går vi til bords,
At spise og drikke på dit Ord,
Dig Gud til ære, os til gavn,
Så far vi mat i Jesu Navn.
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Margell, Bernell, Mary Ann, Linda, Darlene and Meredith
The bunads represent Sunnfjord, Hardanger, Nesbyen Hallingdal, Oppdal, and Østerdal.
More bunads appear on the June calendar page.
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Lodge 4-021
1401 9th Avenue South
Grand Forks, ND 58201-4347
Phone 701-772-9963
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Sue & MargyDuring our January meeting we had our
installation of officers and Margy Gabrielsen
passed the gavel to President Sue Bjornstad.

Jr. Lodge

Ost (Cheese)

For our program Char Brekke and Molly
Wiesen from Brekke Tours and Travel shared a
video of beautiful Norway.

Char & Molly from Brekke Tours

The Jr. Lodge
has been
having fun
in the snow
and at the

Jr. Lodge

Andriana at the Jr. Lodge
Mary Ann Johnson

Please come
and join us
during our next meeting time on Saturday,
March 11th.

Sue Bjornstad, President


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----------------(Notice the new meeting times.)

KALENDER for March
Thursday, March 9
----4:30pm Board Meeting
Next Board Meeting May 4, 2017 4:30pm.
----6:00pm Pot Luck
----7:00 Social Meeting
----Initiation of new members
----Olivia Rike-Norman
--------Reports on: Skogfjorden Language Camp.
----Saturday, March 11
----9:00 – 11:00 Jr. Lodge Meeting
----Friday, March 24-25: in Fargo,
--------Scandinavian Folk Dance
----------------To Register: Call Dorothy: 218- 847-6345

----Thursday, April 13
----7:00pm Social Meeting
----Jr. Lodge Program
----Volunteer Appreciation

The next Board Meeting
is the first Thurs in May (May 4th).

Bev Olson and Donna Remer,
of Nordland Rosemaling Association
presented Lucille Langheid with a
- lifetime membership & a plaque
to honor a legacy of teaching
and promoting rosemaling. --------Congratulations, Lucille!
Home of Economy Lefse contest: Grand Champion Lefse Master Gay Riskey.Congratulations to Gay Riskey.
She is this year's Norsk Høstfest
Grand Champion for 2016.

Click on the "Roman Mask" icon to obtain a membership application form and join the Gyda Varden Lodge. Click on the "Roman Mask (discovered on a Viking Ship)" icon to obtain a membership application form and join the Gyda Varden Lodge on-line.
Jr. Lodge Having FunJr Lodge (Barneklubb):
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June 22, 1903 the Varden Lodge of Sønner av Norge was founded. "Varden" means "beacon" or "lookout," and is also a masculine name."Gyda" Gyda VIKING TALES - FULL AudioBook - Greatest Audio is the ninth century princess who first had a vision of a united kingdom of Norway. The Gyda Døtre av Norge Dotre av Norge was established two years later in 1905. The Gyda Lodge merged with the Varden Lodge in 1951, to be known as The Gyda Varden Lodge #21. See the Centennial web page (klikk på mus å se: HUNDREÅRSDAG siden contributed by Helny Ohnstad).

Sharon MyronCindy DahlSharon Myron publishes NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORY in the lodge newsletter, "HILSEN", edited by Cindy Dahl. Contact
Sharon to get access to her archives which include an article, "THE TITANIC", and an article about "Andrew Honve & the Honve House".

About Norway's Geography Today lodge members are mostly second generation Norwegian-Americans and have a desire to to explore what they know -- and what they don't know -- about their own heritage. The previous generation of lodge members had, mostly, been born in Norway. They've left many keepsakes (paintings, photos, music, books) in the lodge to tell us what they have known and loved about Norway. To understand our ancestors requires a passion for their Norwegian heritage and sense of adventure, and their curiosity. Although Norwegians are people who like to have fun and try new things, language differences and technology have conceived a generation that will tell you, "When I was a kid I didn't listen to my parents' stories," or "I didn't pay attention when they taught me the dances." (Klikk på mus å se:) Why learn Norwegian?

Gyda Varden
lodge offers language lessons: check the calendar page.
Klikk på mus for 12 månader KALENDER side (Klikk på musen for å se: 12 måneders kalender side.)

Our Gyda Varden Lodge includes the wonderful Norwegian community both in Grand Forks and in our heritage in Norway.

Norwegian language, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Norwegian language, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Norway at Home - Alt For Norga_ Norway at Home - Alt For Norga: family words.
Learn Norwegian on YouTube
"how to learn norsk with english conversation".
Norwegian for Beginners | Youth Olympic Games
"Norwegian for Beginners | Youth Olympic Games".
Sesam Stasjon - Dele kaker "Sesam Stasjon - Dele kaker"
Bernt & Erling - Småkaker "Be
rnt & Erling - Småkaker"
Danish, Norwegian or Swedish? Danish, Norwegian or Swedish? Which is best to learn?

Melissa Gjellstad
UND Languages Arts & Sciences.
Dr. Melissa Gjellstad invites Sons of Norway members to enroll in UND Norwegian courses. First-semester courses and second-semester courses are both offered online. And of course you may take the classes face-to-face on campus..pdf "STUDY NORWEGIAN ONLINE."
Culture Page:  UND Norwegian study with Dr. Melissa Gjellstad:Clikk here to see more about: UND study with Dr. Melissa Gjellstad:

Melissa Gjellstad and Danielle Skjelvar talk about their new translation of the Norwegian book "The War with the Sioux: Norwegians Against Indians 1862-63". Melissa Gjellstad and Danielle Skjelvar talk about their new translation of the Norwegian book: "The War with the Sioux: Norwegians Against Indians 1862-63".
Chester Fritz Library – Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections_Chester Fritz Library – Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections.
NORSK CLUB Monthly Meeting at UND. NORSK CLUB Monthly Meeting at UND.

As you explore this website you will see many links to Norway images, videos of Norwegian culture, and links to Norwegian cities, businesses, blogs, museums and libraries. Because the language may be a concern, I've linked "Google Translate" or its icon to the Norwegian text. Click on the icon and enter the Norwegian text. Notice the on-screen Norwegian keyboard in the bottom left of the text box.
The icons for translation looks like: https://translate.google.com/ or Good Wishes, Phrases, Days of the Week

Flip though digital versions of Viking, from November 2009 to the current issue. On the Sons of Norway home page, click on Viking Magazine Online. Be sure to log in as a member to view the whole issue. -


Char Brekke Char Brekke offers cultural, educational, & heritage tours with her association with Brekke To
urs. -You may not need a lodge member ship to travel to a lot of places, including festivities, conventions. Watch both the yearly calendar & each month's calendar on the Brekke web page for places & cost. Brekke_Tours
Surviving Oslo on a Budget_-_An Alternative Travel Guide_-_NORWAY Surviving Oslo on a small budget:
_-_An Alternative Low Budget Travel Guide:-NORWAY

Sons of Norway provide quality insurance and financial products to its members. Contact Ann Krause, FIC, our financial benefits advisor, for information.

Making lefse. Else Rike rolling lefse at Gyda Varden Lodge.Through fund-raising projects, lefse baking, and the fantastic support of members and the community, Gyda Varden has engaged in unlimited cultural, social, and charitable activities. Each June an impressive service is conducted to honor the memory of departed members.

Making lefse. Else Rike rolling lefse at Gyda Varden Lodge.

Gyda Varden contributes through fundraisers sponsored by the Sons of Norway Foundation, and has benefited from the Humanitarian Fund, which began in 1997 in response to the Red River Flood.
---1. Disaster relief.
---2. Outreach grants for the lodge.
------------ (see: Officers page)
---3. Scholarships for Norwegian-American education exchange.Norwegian Students Talk About Their UND Experience
------(See: King Olav V Norwegian-American Heritage Fund)
John Shaffer Gyda Varden is looking forward to providing aid for the handicapped by supporting the TUBFRIM is owned by the
Norwegian Health Association
(Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen).Klikk på mus å sende et par ord
til John Shaffer med e-posten.TUBFRIM PROJECT. E-mail John Schaffer to receive credit. --Klikk på mus ENGLISH or NORSK for information.

With your used phone cards & stamps the lodge provides medical aid for children in Norway because we give them a
"new" value. "Several hundred handicapped children benefit from the fund raised by TUBFRIM -- every year!"
Princess Märtha Louise at a 2006 book signing in Minnesota, USA.
TUBFRIM was established in Nesbyen in 1928. Postmaster Ditlef Frantzen took the initiative to collect and sell used stamps to fund a better quality of life for handicapped children and youth and to support tuberculosis research. Prinsesse Märtha Louise is a strong advocate for TUBFRIM.

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The Gyda Varden Lodge supports many other commitments, including:
1. Trollfjorden Cultural Camp,
2. A scrapbook,
3. The Nordic Initiative,
4. A Jr. Lodge with many different available scholarships.
5. The FOUNDATION REPORT for more Gyda Varden Lodge, on the Officer page, includes some other commitments.
Evelyn HensrudYouTube: Tenn Lys: De fire lys for Ham

Within our lodge a sunshine committee seeks to cheer the sick and bereaved with flowers or a sympathy card.
If you hear about a member in the hospital or a death in a family,
please notify
Evelyn Hensrud -772-1970 or 317-385-9730 cell.

-Klikk på mus for
see calendar) We invite you to come to a lodge meeting.
Viking Tales by Jennie Hall (1875-1921) Through the years, lodge members have discovered intangible friendships fostered when enjoying traditional Norwegian activities together, including: (Videos) literature and history -- Norsk Lese Lag (book club), Norwegian language classes, rosemaling, wood carving, genealogy research, ethnic programs, pancake breakfasts, chili suppers, corn feeds, lefse baking, bløtkake demonstrations, pot-luck meals, tours, and celebrations. The meetings contain some business content, but also some youth-oriented cultural and social events. Norwegian-Americans are passionate about their heritage, and like to practice many of the traditions that have been handed down generation to generation.
Klikk på mus.
 Slik søker du etter ord
       i norsk bildesider. On "Movie Nights" at the lodge we show movies from Norway. We have a great time and enjoy pop & popcorn. Check the Gyda Varden Lodge events Klikk på mus for 12 månader KALENDERÅR side on this website. YouTube has free Norwegian movies:
______Movies with Norsk subtitles (norsk tekst).
______Torres Snørtewoll (norsk film fra 1940 med Alfred Maurstad) Torres Snørtewoll - 1940 med Alfred Maurstad
______Tante pose 1940 norsk tale og tekst Tante pose - 1940

______Faneflukt - 1974 Norsk film Faneflukt - 1974 Norsk film

Lodge sports medal program. (Brochure)SPORTS PROGRAMS:
Arden Shores - Sports DirectorKlikk på mus for Kultur sideGyda Varden Lodge members share their enthusiasm for the Norwegian tradition of friluftsliv (outdoor life/outdoor recreation). Friluftsliv is for all ages and abilities. Stay Active. The Lodge sports medal program. Contact the Gyda Varden Sports Director.
John_Schaffer_Receives_MedalsSports_Medal_Brochure Sports_Medal_Brochure
Virtual_Pilgrimage_Card.pdf Virtual_Pilgrimage_Card.pdf

Olimpic Photos Olympic Photos
Sports medal Program:
------ John Schaffer has received:
------ (GANGMERKE) walking medals.

------ 1,050 recorded miles of walking.

Norway 10 Kroner, 1964, Constitution sesquicentennial Circulated Coin
SYTTENDE MAI: 1814 "the year of miracles"
The coins edge is lettered with the phrase “ENIGE OG TRO TIL DOVRE FALLER“ or Agreed and true until Dovre falls. For those not familiar with Norway, Dovre is chain of Mountains in Norway. May 17 YouTube everyone is invited to celebrate Syttende mai at the Gyda Varden Lodge. Noon Lunch: 11 am - 2 pm we'll be serving smorbrød, rømmegrøt, lefse, søtsuppe, riskrem, bløtkake, flatbrød. Afternoon coffee: 2 pm - 4 pm and entertainers will be performing.

If you want to attend Syttende mai and are coming to the lodge during your lunch break from school or work you have our permission to go to the head of the line!

The SISTER-LODGE of GYDA VARDEN: BIRKEBEINER. Birkebeiner Lodge - Lillehammer - Images
"Medlemsavis" (Members' newspaper): B-nyttnr.12012pdf..pdf (1250k)
Demonstrating the unique bond of sisterhood, after the devastating flood of 1997, Birkebeiner made a generous financial contribution which helped Gyda Varden Lodge members to refurbish our beautiful lodge building. Like coming home again, our sister-lodge believed in our dreams and wanted to live them with us.
Wikipedia In 1174 a rebellious Birkebein Party formed in Norway.

Knud Larsen Bergslien (May 15, 1827 – November 27, 1908) was a Norwegian painter, art teacher and master artist. In his art, he frequently portrayed the lives of the Norwegian people, their history and heroes of the past. "Today, the Birkebeins are popularly celebrated for having escorted the two-year-old Haakon Haakonsson, an heir to the Norwegian throne, to safety from Lillehammer to Østerdalen to Trondheim, a long and perilous journey through treacherous mountains and forests."

This is commemorated through Birkebeinerrennet (a ski race), Birkebeinerrittet (a bike race), as well as the American Birkebeiner. The Norwegian marathons start at Rena Rena, Norway - imagesand ends at Lillehammer near their lodge.
(klikk på mus å se: "Birkbeinerrennet 2015 Live" Birkbeinerrennet 2015 Live ).
(klikk på mus å se: "Birkebeinerrennet English version" Birkebeinerrennet English version ).
(klikk på mus å se: "Birkebeinerrittet 2015" Birkebeinerrittet 2015).
(klikk på mus å se: "Birkebeinerrittet 2015" Birkebeinerrittet 2015).

Gyda Varden Lodge member Helny Ohnstad and others exchanged lodge newsletters each month with Arne Halvorsen, and he is still the Lodge President. Some are posted on this website's Sister-Lodge web-page. I hope to find a collection of her letters in the lodge library and post whatever I can find. A friendship with Birkebeiner Lodge had been built to learn from our similarities.

The benefits of sisterhood come from immersion and personal interactions which become easier each year with on-line translators, Norwegian classes, and student exchange programs. Typically, by developing our communication skills and economic interests, as members we can ask questions like:
Why heritage?
How do we engage our youth in our Norwegian heritage?
In what ways can our two lodges gain from being partners?

In this way we can improve our understanding of our ancestors and the world.

Birkebeiner Lodge - Lillehammergoogle
PO Box 484, 2600 Lillehammer
Established 01/17/1987
Meeting point: Glomstad Gaard & Pension, 2635 Thirteen
Meeting Time: 2nd Monday of the month - 19:00.

Sister cities of Grand Forks, North Dakota
A SISTER-CITY of GRAND FORKS: SARPSBORG. googleGoogle Images of Sarpsborg The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Sarpsborg.
The Norwegian City ( Sarpsborg ) in 4K -aerialIn addition, on October 10, 2005,
"Grand Forks City established a Sister City Agreement with the city of Sarpsborg, Norway to demonstrate support for diversity, educational opportunities, openness to different peoples, cultures and ideas and to foster a world-view approach necessary for next generation business." The city became interested in building a relationship with Sarpsb
org because many Grand Forks residents have Norwegian heritage, the school district plans to teach Norwegian language classes, and a student exchange program began in 2007. Our lodge is an important player in a the success of the relationship.
Images of Heritage Days 2016, East Grand Forks, ND

Viking Ship Parade The Lodge Viking Ship gets ready to set sails in the EGF Heritage Days Parade. Riding the ship are Teressa Wilde, Kendrik Wilde and Darlene Holien. Cindy Dahl, standing, proudly boasts: "It's a good Viking ship".
Olger & Lucille Langheid
Olger & Lucille Langheid
at the Rosemaling display
at EGF Heritage Days.

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With a bit of joy & vanity, Gyda Varden hopes you will join with us and eat and celebrate the heritage and culture of Norway and other Nordic countries around the North Sea. We think of each member, as when one thinks of a brother who has been lost and forgotten but found again in discovering a beautiful source of identity. If you are not a member of Sons of Norway we hope that after seeing all of the activities we offer you will consider joining our organization. SOFN
WikipediaNewspapers in Norway
------------Kingdom of Norway Kingdom of Norway

Wikipedia Norwegian National Anthem
Click to hear the Norwegian National Anthem: YouTube.

Click to hear the Norwegian violin.
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- Klikk på musOther Norwegian News
Vem Kan Segla/Byssan Lull Vem Kan Segla/Byssan Lull
Danse Mi Vise, Gråte Min Sang _Danse Mi Vise, Gråte Min Sang

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 for internasjonal aktiviteter.

The mission of Sons of Norway is
to promote and preserve
the heritage and culture of Norway
and provide quality insurance
and financial products to its members.

Sons of Norways misjon er å fremme
og ivareta norske kulturtradisjoner,
og samtidig tilby de beste forsikrings
og finansprodukter til alle medlemmer.

All content © 2003 Melvin Pedersen--Klikk på mus å sende et par ord
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